Thursday, August 12, 2010

At some point.... phone will ring. It just wasn't: in the car on the way upstate for our big 4th of July celebration, on Davis' birthday or on the 11th etc etc.

But at some point my phone WILL ring.

Right? It will ring? Please say yes.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Anyone that know us in real life knows that we have some serious number eleven mojo. For a moment or two it seemed like it was bad but overall if you look at everything it is mostly all good. So today is August 11. My girlfriend V predicted months ago that we would get our referral in August. hmmmmm. Then at the beginning of July when we were at the top (haha) of the list she again predicted 8/11 would be the day we got the call.

So V, I hope you are right. And if you are, could you send me six numbers that you are feelin'?

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Thank you everyone who commented on my last post who either A: also needs to make an appointment with the eye doctor or B: saw the AND SIBLING that clearly must have changed somewhere in the process but was not updated on the list!

Regardless, I feel less crazy than I did last week. It also confirms I do in fact have friends out there in Blogstonia. I was wondering why none of you sent me a gentle nudge with a stage whisper "Hey, er ummm, Heather I think you might want to recount your place on the list." Unless of course you hated me. So today I feel happy this is not the case. You do love me, or at least you don't hate me. Right?

Come on Monday.
Bring it.
We're ready.
All. Of. Us.