Friday, December 11, 2009

Letter in hand.

Just when I was getting down with the waiting, we received word from both Natalie and USCIS that our case has been approved and the letter was on the way. Two days later the letter arrived woooohoo!
We had a kids event for Wee See on Saturday morning so right after we dashed over to the closest bank to get our letter notarized so we could send to KBS. They are preparing the paperwork for our dossier. Everything signed and dropped off at fedex for Monday delivery. We arrived home and... BUMMER. In the haste of doing everything QUICKLY I didn't ask the notary when his commission expired. ugh. Dec 29, 2009. That will not do. So repeat steps 1 & 2 on Monday morning.
I would be lying if I didn't expect to be getting a response from both Kate and our Glandey social worker Natalie of "Congratulations! You are officially waiting!" From the sounds of it, we have approx. two more weeks before that happens. I need to stop reading other blogs adoption timelines as none of them seem to apply to OUR adoption timeline.
I am trusting that the Universe will bring us the child we are supposed to have at the moment he/she is supposed to come.
Until then I will watch and read and delight in all the other families that have been receiving their referrals and passing court and making plans for an Ethiopian Christmas IN Ethiopia. How cool is that! There are two families waiting to hear about their court dates TODAY. I'm keeping all my crossables crossed that good news is on the way.