Friday, April 9, 2010

Movin' UP.

So. We've packed up and moved from the second floor to the fourth. More space, better light and a massive roof deck. This happened right about the time that the weather turned and the referrals started rolling in for waiting Gladney families. It's exciting to read about everyone getting "the call" and really exciting to see our name move UP the [unofficial] wait list. It's all good in the hood.

We are pretty much settled in the new place. Just curtains that need to be sewed, er, by, ah-em, ME. Hopefully soon. We are updating all the paperwork that needs to be updated because changing your apartment number affects, well, EVERYthing. That's a bit of a bummer but it's keeping us busy and I'm doing my best to keep my brain occupied.

I think our little one must also have babies on the brain as she told the UPS delivery man all about her baby today. Let me say that Davis loves Harry. Harry loves Davis. He pulls he truck over to say hello when he passes her on the street. When we lived on the second floor Davis screamed at him from her window when she saw him downstairs. Loooooove is the word for Harry and Davis. And I love that Davis is getting excited about her new baby too.