Thursday, June 25, 2009

Do you see what I see?

Where have we been you ask? Everywhere and nowhere is the answer to that question.
Rolyn finally launched his 'top secret project' with 3 parties, in 3 states, in 7 days.
It was fun and exhausting and we definitely called it a success. Now on to the biz of sellin' DVDs.
You can SEE it here. Oh, and buy it too! ;)

We are [this] close to wrapping up all of the paperwork on our end! yay! We had a bit of a lag in there due to the business of launching Wee See, but it's all good. Our home study was the day we returned from the Wee See US tour and went well. The social worker and I had spoken several times on the phone before and I was not worried or nervous in the slightest.

I just mailed off two big envelopes of paperwork to Gladney and KBS Dossier. All that is left is: a letter from the bank, a letter from the therapist we worked with after losing Tess & Oliver and our homestudy to be certified. Then that paperwork will go to CIS (immigration) and once they accept it we have to be fingerprinted one more time and then, then we'll officially be on the wait list! yippppeeeee! I suspect we're still a few months off and according to the Gladney conference call yesterday it seems like the wait for a referral is around 6-8 months. Not sure how I will feel once we are officially waiting, but so far the hardest part has been finding a notary in NYC that starts work before 11 a.m. I'm seriosuly considering changing professions.