Friday, May 20, 2011

Update...long overdue.

Ummmmm. Wow. It's been how long since I've posted?

I guess I will say life is busy. VERY busy. I still can't figure out how adding this small little person feels like we've added 200 people to this family.

Bek is doing great. Awesome. Really really awesome. I am still in awe how he has quickly found a comfy spot in our family. It seriously feels like he has always been here and it's only been 2 months since he was placed in our arms forever.

We've been to all the docs and the grand consensus is: He. Is. Perfect. :)

So here is the run down on Mr. Bek....

He quickly moved from the arms-up wobbly walker to running at top speed.
He is signing the word "More"
Home three weeks, he said his first word. "Hi!" complete with a wave.
Other words he's using regularly: Hi, Bye-bye, Mama, Dada (sometimes also Gaga. Rolyn has a nickname!) Davis (sometimes Day-day) Cat, Book, Baba (for bottle) and More.
He is eating everything in sight.
He's had one tooth come in, giving him the grand total of seven. I think eight is right around the corner.
He is a climber. He is a mover of small furniture in order to climb. He is fast. All small furniture is now in storage until further notice.
He might have extend-o arms and legs. I haven't seen it with my eyes but I have seen the consequences. New mantra "Nothing is Safe."
He likes the toilet, thankfully he has yet to figure out it flushes. I fear I will need the number of a good plumber one day soon.
He loooooves his big sister. He thinks she hung the moon. The feeling is reciprocated. (This makes Mama&Dada so happy.)
He is a Belieber. Sigh. Yes, thanks to the influence of the 4.5 yr old moon hanger, Justin Bieber can get him squealing in delight with some serious booty shaking.
He loves Sandra Boynton's Moo Baaaa LaLaLa. He can read it one million times a day....or more.
He loves Davis' markers. Again, thankfully he has yet to realize the cap comes off. I now have a stash of Magic Erasers specifically for this day.
He is a flirt. He is effective.
He is cheeky. Very, very cheeky.
He likes to pull his sister's hair. He likes to pretend to pull his sister's hair even more. He grabs a curl and then cuts his eyes over to me. See above.
His smile is GOLDEN.

While we were waiting to bring Bekalu John home we were desperate for the monthly update that had a brief description of what he was doing or some other bit of insight into his personality. Almost every update for seven months ended with "What a happy little guy!"
Rolyn and I used to laugh and even made fun of it, because it started feeling a bit canned. Bek has been home for almost nine weeks and I cannot tell you how many times I've heard someone say this phrase. Over and over. Every single doctor he has seen, other mamas at school pick-up (yes, here in Brooklyn there is no car-pool line. We all hang out waiting on the sidewalk) even strangers on the street or on the train... "What a happy little guy!"

You know what,? It's true. He IS a happy little guy.
And that makes me so happy, so grateful, I could cry.


  1. Aw Heather!!! Sweet post!!! (and yes, overdue but for good reason.)

  2. Feeling blessed in Texas,,,our beautiful boy is SO special. All his "peeps" can hardly wait to see him, squeeze him, chase him, and just get acquainted with him. Bekalu John Barthelman, we waited a Loooonnng time for you baby boy, now we're gonna love you forever and ever more - all the way from Texas to Brooklyn and baaaaaack!! xoxoxo

  3. So glad to hear how well Bek is doing!! Really funny about the small furniture moving! I remember that stage and I'd have to go running every time I heard that tell-tale sign of a chair being drug across the floor to see what mischief was in progress!

  4. So happy that the adjustment is going well!! What does Davis think about being a big sister? I am just waiting for Ezra to start breaking down some of my attempts at barricading things. Trying to enjoy while it lasts. :)